Platform Features

Empowering the Next Generation of Investors

Asset Tokenization and Issuance

Tokenize assets through a chain agnostic “Layer 2” security token compliance protocol. User friendly management dashboard to track and analyze investments and supported cryptocurrencies.

Decentralized Exchange GUI

100% on-chain and peer-to-peer (decentralized) exchange access. Sophisticated swap, OTC and trading UI/UX that rivals centralized exchanges, with built-in bulletin board style security token trading functions.

Compliance Protocol & Ecosystem

A proprietary compliance ecosystem built with Hyperledger Fabric that is designed to be chain agnostic and support the regulatory requirements of all major global jurisdictions.

Global Distribution Network

Join our ever growing and robust global network of issuers and investors in any major global investment market.

Seamless UI/UX Design

Tokenize, invest in, manage and trade real world digital assets and cryptocurrencies seamlessly within a single ecosystem that is secure, smart, well designed and easy to use.

White-Label Solutions

Delivering a bespoke tokenization platform for clients of any size with access to our proprietary compliance protocol, investor base, global network, tech support team and more.

Investment Opportunities

Pre-vetted investment opportunities available exlusively to members of the Realio Network.

Realio Security Token
Valentus Digital
Liquid Mining Fund

Enterprise Grade Technology

Realio is built on the most advanced, enterprise ready blockchain technology and infrastructure providers

Our tech partners and infrastructure


Supported Currencies and Tokens


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