The Realio Issuance Network

A distributed ledger network designed for regulatory compliance in decentralized ecosystems.

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Our Native Digital Assets


The native cryptocurrency of the Realio Network and realioX.


RIO is a cryptocurrency and utility token for the Realio platform. There is no ICO, sale or founder pre-mine associated with RIO and the distribution mechanism is designed to be 100% fair to anyone interested in the ecosystem. The maximum supply of RIO is set at one hundred million (100,000,000). The initial circulating supply of 7,070,000 RIO issued during the airdrop will be the total supply until block rewards/market maker rewards begin distribution on the Realio Network . Platform fees for tokenizing and trading will be paid in RIO. There will not be any trading fees for market makers on RealioX, while fees for market takers are currently calculated at 0.1% of the trade’s value . As a peer-to-peer exchange, market makers will earn 100% of all trading fees paid by market takers in RIO. Issuing a tokenized asset on Realio requires a fee of 5,000 RIO, of which 2,500 RIO will be burned upon issuance of the asset and the remaining 2,500 RIO will be distributed to wallets staking RST.

RIO Token Allocation

Digital Issuance, Simplified

Realio makes token issuance easy for issuers of any skill-set on a variety of blockchains. Create your token and list it for investment via our “Invest Now” button in less than 5 minutes. Our infrastructure supports investments in fiat and all cryptocurrencies held in our multi-currency wallet system.

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Network Architecture

Realio Chaincode features

  • KYC/AML/Accreditation Whitelisting

  • Asset Tokenization/Chain Interoperability

  • Distributions Of Profits

  • Compliance Protocol & Ecosystem

  • P2P Secondary Market Trading