Swaps, OTC and Advanced Trading UI

A simple and sophisticated GUI that empowers users to eliminate middlemen and access 24/7 peer-to-peer markets socially and compliantly.

Making Markets

On RealioX, users (makers) collect 100% of the fees paid by takers, in addition to earning rewards in RIO issued by the Realio Network incentive protocol.

  • Market Maker Rewards

    Earn rewards (1% of trade value) for being a market maker on realioX. In addition, 100% of trading fees are earned by makers on the network.

  • Trading Bots

    (Coming soon) Built-in trading bots can be customized for market making, hedging and arbitrage activities. Or register the address of your own bot with your Market Maker account.

100% Peer-to-Peer

Non-custodial wallets, decentralized orderbook, issuer controlled compliance.

  • centralized

    • Exchange controls funds
    • Not Anonymous
    • Hacks & Server Downtime
  • decentralized

    • User Controls Funds
    • Anonymous
    • No Hacks & Server Downtime
  • realiox

    • User Controls Funds
    • Securities Compliant
    • No Hacks & Server Downtime

A Liquid Network

The Realio Network is designed for built-in liquidity and provides incentives for active participation in a peer-to-peer marketplace.

Adding Liquidity to Traditionally Illiquid Assets